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Just a very small sample of what I have designed and built......

845 hifi amp

Push pull hifi monoblock 30 watts, power tubes 845s running on 850V/100mA.
Mid range is very good, bass is fantastic, and very clear vocals. operates in 100% class A.
Solid state pre-amp to drive modern power amps, valve and transistor. Also ideal for Leaks, and Quad II's. Contains phono stage and switchable tone controls.


hifi pre amp
hifi power amp
10 x KT88s monoblock, output power levels switchable..100w triode/ 200w UL, 200w triode/350w UL. Adjustable bias, for the amp to operate from class AB to 100% full class A. Amazing sound for Reggae, DUB, Hip hop and house music.
I have designed lower wattage push pull power amps ie. 10 - 25 watts per channel using valves, triodes or pentodes. Also, 9w per channel single ended 300B hifi amps.
I have done alot of work on phono stage design and built quite a few, there are two types : a conventional non negative feedback design in sold state, hybrid, or valve...and the other a more complicated fully valve differential input design (similar to a microphone amp) but this version can also be built as a hybrid.


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